Catalysts Circle

This is an innovation of Swift Catalysts Hive Ltd. We intend to develop individual and groups on BIZTECH knowledge for effect productivity and proactive lifestyle.

Corporate Catalysts

This is for Skilled and Educated individuals who seeks knowledge in Business Management and Information Technology services for effective productivity.

Catalysts Connect

This is a terminal assembly to foster relationship between Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled individual to assemble for effective change in either their business or personal life.

Creek Catalysts

This is strictly individuals who are into trade, hand work and craft, either in the urban or rural area. We train them to enhance efficiency in their dealings

Catalysts Care

This is an innovation to connect online and offline with all Catalysts who might seek supports at anytime from anywhere through Mentoring

Our Vision

To help individuals and organizations become better though business development and informantion technology trainings